Turn Turtle

A Surfer’s Personal Journey

by Douglas Comley & Sandra Mifsud

with Claire Louise Gueli & Annalisa Pistis

This movie was created in cooperation with NATURE TRUST MALTA.

NATURE TRUST MALTA is a non-profit non-governmental environmental organization working in the Maltese Islands. It is also a privileged partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Over the years it has worked and lobbied hard to get legal protection for various plants and animals in the Maltese Islands, helping to save from extinction some of the local endemic species. Today the Trust is very active in environmental education through various means, as it strongly believes that education is the best tool to create awareness on nature conservation.

One of the projects is designed to set up a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Malta to provide ex-situ rehabilitation of wildlife from across Malta and surrounding seas: marine (turtles and cetaceans), terrestrial (such as hedgehogs, shrews, lizards, snakes and bats) and avian fauna. Following rehabilitation, if possible, they will be released into their natural habitat.

Douglas Comley and Sandra Mifsud captured Claire Louise Gueli while working on the rehabilitation of turtles in Malta.

About The Author
- Project Manager InEnArt