We are producing the project independently, on our own responsibility and with a support from people and organizations from all over the region. This gives us the freedom to realize our project in a way we feel is authentic and gives the participants the opportunity to express their demands independently from commercial interests.

What you Get

If you consider to take part in our workshops we will give you a first view what it means to make a video with new hardware like smartphones as well as an introduction how a video will be made. Beginning with the preproduction to the production and in the end the postproduction.

Further you can get an idea how you learn seeing urban transformation in cities critically. It will offer you the possiblity to work with several artists and specialists and to create your own movie visually and auditory in an independet way.

As well as we want to give you another perspective how mobile communications equipment can be used in a sociocritical and artistic way to capture your ideas, thoughts and needs to current urban transformations in todays cities. So in the end we all create movies and its online archive showing and analizing urban development from a social point of view for the people.

Why is StreetWalking Important


Against the background that urban development and transformation often ignores the needs and demands of its residents, StreetWalking will contribute to a social sustainability in many areas:

  • improved access to information
  • practice to express urban demands
  • unregulated exchange of needs
  • maintenance of cultural diversity and a feeling for its worth
  • location-independent linkage of information
  • increased participation in social decision-making processes
  • enhancement of developing socio cultural resources
  • technological increase in efficiency by using existing open-source-software
  • invested resources will be made available permanently to the net community