Thomas Büsch − project manager InEnArt; concept, management and workshop instructor

Sabine Küper-Büsch − filmmaker, chief editor, concept and workshop instructor

Kutaiba Hajirah – filmmaker, workshop instructor Istanbul / Toronto

Eyad Babtji – actor, workshop instructor Gaziantep

Yang Li – intern, Searching Traces Istanbul 2020

Julie Peters – intern, Searching Traces Istanbul 2020

Gabriela Herrmans – intern, Searching Traces 2020

Giacomo Godez Giacomoni – intern, video Malta

Asena Hayal −  coordinator StreetWalking

Bassil Halabi – author, translation Searching Traces

Batool Mohamad – actress and musician, workshop instructor Searching Traces

Cassandra Mehlhorn – design, software implementation, web administration

Hanan Al Taweel − translation

Johanna Fröhlich – project coordination Searching Traces

Katharina Schmidt – intern, photography

Markus Schmidt − intern, video editing

Özgür Ulusoy − editor and translation, promotion and coordination Searching Traces

Theresa Wiedemann – intern

Veronika Maria Hartman – editor, translation

Ziya Azazi – dancer and choreograph, workshop instructor Searching Traces

Artık İşler Kolektifi − video collective, workshops

Special thanks to Osman Kavala (Anadolu Kültür), Elif Çetinkaya and Selim Eyüboǧlu for their support of Searching Traces in 2014/2015.



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