St. Oberholz in Berlin

The Aischinger brothers August and Carl opened the first public venues for drinking beer in Berlin 1892. The building at Rosenthaler Platz was the ninth place, built in 1898, where you could have snacks and a beer for 10 Pfennig (5 Cent). Alfred Döblin describes the place in his novel Berlin Alexanderplatz. Aischinger lost there good name with taking over the Haus Vaterland from the Jewish Kempinski family. In 1947 when the building was in the Sowjet ruled sector it got part of the state owned gastronomy HO. After the reunification 1989 Burger King owned the beautiful building. In 2005 Ansgar Oberholz opened a venue for the digital Bohéme. Young Creatives from Germany and from all over the world come to live and work here and around Rosenthaler Platz.

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