Beyond the Station

Beyond the Station by Bassil Halabi and Mohammad Fares is a reflection of the life of an immigrant. The two authors selected a suitcase as a symbolism for migration: there is someone who is putting himself in a suitcase as they did when they left Syria and as they came to Turkey. It is not the country they came to by their decision or their selection.

There was the opportunity to go to Turkey and thats the only reason why they are now in Turkey.

When they left Syria, they carried Syria with them. They carried their memories and experiences to Istanbul. Being in Istanbul doesn’t mean they are a different person. They are carrying all their history with them. That is the symbolism of somebody putting himself into a bag. This one is taking everything with him. He is never seperated from his history.

Camera: Mohammad Fares and Roua Jaafar

Music: John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Two Virgins 1

Special Thanks to Safa Fares, Rami Abo Harb and Ali Hamid Ali

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