RoaA – Idomeni

In winter 2015 Caravan Project travelled to Idomeni, the main gate through which the refugees continue their journey from Greece to northern Europe and encountered Roaa, a Syrian-Palestinian young girl. Through the narrations of Roaa we are learning about the tragedies of Syrian people, forcing themselves to leave their devastated country and after crossing several countries and undergo many traumatic situations to reach to another homeland where they can live a normal life. As the present status of the people in Syria has now shifted to ’refugees’ their personal identity and individuality has been severely damaged. They are not single individuals anymore, nobody know their names, their hopes and dreams; for us everybody is a called refugee. It is our duty to reconstitute their identity again, trace back where they come from, where they go and give voice to these people to share their story with us.

About The Author
- Project Manager InEnArt