Funded by the European Union’s Cultural Bridges program the workshop took place in the frame of “European Literature Goes to Turkey/ Turkish Literature Goes to Europe” in 8 cities in Turkey organized by the Goethe-Institut Istanbul under the title yollardaon the road.

The subject of the movie clips reflected the expectations and experiences of the participants regarding Turkey, the European Union or the European Culture Week Events. The final are a collage mirroring the filmmakers view, as much as the surroundings expectation on Europe coming to Turkey.

A female student is sitting alone on a bench while a group of students are talking about daily life at an university campus in Ankara.

Director: Ali Anil Akin
Script and Camera: Begüm Aydin
Actor: Özde Oldac, Onur Tedik, Mehmet Özer, Ayse Demirbüken, Münevver Kaynar

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