Żabbar St. Patrick Football Club

An unconverted Palazzo in Zabbar is serving as a venue for site specific interventions. After having been the home of a noble family the Palazzo served as a police station and was partly burned down during the anti-colonial uprisings in the 1958. Some locals still have personal memories. Later the Palazzo served as a depot for one local band-club. Today it is for sale awaiting a new destiny.

Antonio Cosentino (TR), Portable– Leather-Suitcase, Object. Eda Gecikmez (TR), The memories of birds – installation: fabric-mural, drawings and objects. Güneş Terkol (TR), Whispering Tulle, Curtain-Installation. Margerita Pulé (MLT), The Cement Bakery – Installation. Ludivine Thomas (FR/SWE), Pop up installation, Clouds and stones. Benny Andersson (SWE), Carrying memories like stones. Mark Andersson (SWE), Dancing Feet –Sculpture, Paintings. Sara Pace (MLT), Traces of a Sleeping Beauty– Gold-Threads and Spray. Victor Aguis (MLT), Ritual Columns. Installation with historical Festa columns. Mathilde Melek An (FR/TR), Golddess-Performance during the opening. Rio Drop, Bathroom, Installation, Objects, Hair-sculptures. Tom van Malderen (BEL/MLT), Tables for the 1%, Utopian Nights Photo Studio – Elise Billiard (MLT/FR), Jeremy Mangion (MLT), Malik Yahia (SD/MLT).

Exhibition duration: Nov 18 – 24

1:00 pm – Narrating Zabbar

Video-Workshop is collecting stories in the city and at the Venue. Gathering at the Social Club

Open Mic
At 3 pm

Inizjamed invites you for the 30th Open Mic. They are joining the Mahalla Festiva at the Palazzo in Zabbarl. Your poem or story will echo around the four walls and other people’s arts will be your audience too.

The special guest will be Stephen Lughermo, who this week has been awarded one of the National Book Prizes for his book “Jarmuk”.

Mahalla is a Festival of film, literature, contemporary art, debates and several activities combining events that invite local and international participants to mobilize visitors to explore communities under new aspects. The Festival is located in venues around Valletta, St. Lucija and Zabbar in Malta.

Maltese and international participants are presented in exhibitions, concerts, performances, screenings and talks displaying different topics: language and migration, communities and diversity, new city cultures, mobile citizenship and future demands of communities

All events are free of charge, you don’t need reservations

The event is supported by
Frank Salt Real Estate
Art Council Malta
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Office of the Federal Chancellor of Austria
Foreign Ministry Austria
SAHA – Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey
Örebro kommun

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