Leib und Körper

A 2 clip one singel shot montage by Mesud Ata.

This work is a research on definitions about the body. The name of the video comes from Heidegger, Husserls and Merleau-Ponty’s terms; “körper” (corpus/physical body) and “leib” (lived-living body). Although this is a research/investigation , it can be read also “transition process” about thinking/feeling on the body; because actually it also wants to loosen these definitions. Although there are two different visuals; sounds are interwoven to each other. And on the surface they look different but actually they mingle and they are the same thing from different angles. I feel that there is something different beyond these definitions that’s why I choose stairways as an image of spine and movements as an elevator connecting the roots of the body to the crown of the body.

About The Author
- Project Manager InEnArt