This is Why…

Members of the Shabia at a checkpoint in Syria. The nightmare of every Syrian oppositional is to be stopped by them. They are mistreating, torturing and killing people randomly. “This is Why…” is trying to put the spectator in the place of a Syrian civilian being stopped by two Shabia. The fear of the Syrian civil society is re-enacted here by two oppositional refugees. They suppose to act like Shabia, in fact they are unveiling the inescapable ridiculous side of all totalitarian entities.

“This is Why…” was written and directed by Adel Qa. “This short film is a try to approach the meaning of suppression and horror the Syrian people have been living for decades“, he states. Performers are Mohammed K. and Shadi A.K., cinematography and editing by Nadine L.

The movie “This is Why…” was created in the context of the video workshop “Chance of Diversity” conducted by the StreetWalking-team in summer 2015.

This is Why...

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