Viva Romá

f you play ball with her using an animal carcass, if you climb the same scaffolding and you can’t make it and she laughs, if you teach her a song, if she teaches you a song, if you eat souvlaki with her, if she collects firewood for you to light the stove together, if you sit for her to braid your hair, if you place a yellow flower on hers, if you pull her hands from rusty bars and she gives you a puzzled look, if you stroll the same road together a hundred times because there’s just no other road, if you go and pick her up from the rain because her clothes are soaking even though that’s a habit to her, if you pinch her cheeks, if she simply leans her head on your shoulder, if you can’t wait for her to knock on your door to spend your day with her, if she waits for you at the car window to say goodbye and she’s sad, then you leave happy to have let her introduce you to a “place” where fear does not exist. Thank you, Hatyeh.


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