Sulukule: Transformation for whom?

In 2006, The 1000-year-old neighborhood of Sulukule in Istanbul was the victim of ‘Urban Transformation’. The residents, most of whom were Roma, had their houses demolished illegally and were forced to buy TOKI’s social housing apartments in Taşoluk, 40 km away from their neighborhood. Hoping to own a house, the tenants reluctantly accepted to move there. The majority who couldn’t afford the installments moved back to areas near Sulukule. The ones remaining in Taşoluk can barely manage. Today fancy villas of the rich have replaced the 1000-year old neighborhood. Who has profited from this transformation?

Producer: Imre Azem
Director: Nejla Osseiran
Editor: Mesut Ulutaş
Production: Kibrit Film
Music: Cafer Ozan Türkyılmaz & Barış Yerli
Running time: 8’
Yılı/Year: 2012

About The Author
- Project Manager InEnArt